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Brittney De Leon-Reyes, playing Izzy, gives new meaning to curves. Luscious and raven-haired, she prowls the stage like a panther wearing 4-inch heels. Flashing eyes, glowing olive skin and a lazy but confident smile give her an uber-sexy air.


Va-va-voom! As an actress, she has the ability to focus completely, making her very watchable.

CV Independent Magazine

Valerie-Jean (VJ) Hume

Brittney is an amazing actress, very capable in any situation. Adaptable to any environment, definitely someone to rely on. I have had the pleasure of working with Brittney as well as seeing her perform.

Definitely worth bringing on board any project or assignment.

Actor & Model

  Kevin La Coste

Ms.De Leon is a hardworking actor who develops her characters thoroughly.


Artistic Director Desert Theatre works

Lance Phillips-Martinez

Brittney is a casting surprise in this role, a nervous nelly fearful of everything.

It’s the mark of a true actress to be so versatile and reveals a glimpse of her depth and her promise. 

CV Independent Magazine

Valerie-Jean (VJ) Hume

Working with Brittney was a blast the moment she stepped foot on my film set. She blew everyone away by her acting ability.

Brittney's very talented would recommend her for anyone's production.


Film Producer & Director

Branden Bayless of Blood Shed 2

An amazing actress with determination! She is willing to work hard.


Filmmaker & Associate Producer

Flavio Gomez

No role is too small for Brittney.


Brittney's ambition to have a long and successful career as an actor and on the production side of the industry is admirable


Producer - Bellipoma

 Stephanie Bell

Altura Credit Union

May 17, 2016 · 

Brittney wowed us with her wonderful spirit and various talents, such as her passion for Ballet Folklorico and acting.

Brittney De Leon

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