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Paddling in Mud

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

It seems like there is so much time in the day when it's tomorrow or next week, but the actual day of it feels like there is no time at all. Why is that? Am I just bad at time management? I mean, I didn't think so but that seems to be the only reason why time flies by so fast. I do practice mindfulness and gratitude for each moment each day. Maybe it's procrastination... I want to learn how to invest, want to take acting more seriously, and want to focus more on a healthy body. BUT WHY do I always get caught up or find myself cle

aning, playing uke, and driving around. Ever feel like you should've started something last month? Ever felt like it's a little too late? Lately, I've been overthinking, a lot... losing myself in the moment for better or worse.

I'm curious... what/where/who are you? What's your journey like and do you feel stuck like me? Come along with me, as you get the exclusive inside look, on my most secret innermost secret-est thoughts as they live in my brain. On the way check out my Instagram stories see my website updates, and watch as I learn and grow within these three areas, investing, acting, and healthy living, hopefully, we can fit traveling in there but hey at this point I think starting with one thing something whatever that is, should be the main goal. So wish me luck, send me love, and come along with me.

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