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Poems No One Asked For

I would like to tell you I will be consistent in my posts and I will be posting every week but in reality, I will be posting whenever I feel like it. When I feel it in my nuggets! (up to you what body part that is - go wild) When Im vibing or literally when I have so many random ass emotions I don't know what to do with them.

Poems for the hopeless romantics, if they still exist. Will this be about zombie love or old men farting in the park.

Dont get me wrong - not all poems are about love or loosing your mind so you are in for a treat. Just do me a favor, open your mind take some deep breaths and I don't know take a shot of whatever suites your fancy.

  1. Poems no one asked for are written in hopes to connect, inspire and well help the writer, really. So welcome to my therapy sessions.

  2. Hopefully your'll learn a lot - if not, what not to do.


Before I leave you, heres a short poem no one asked for below:

Body building. Minds whirling. Only takes one to forget how it's all just someones reality.

Yours, mine, ours; theirs, hers or even that little toddler who's eyes cant help but stare at you for hours.

Breathe in. Breathe out -whats the point if not to clear thoughts that end up circling back, no doubt.

Breathe in. Lift. Breathe out. drop down. Another rep done, another breath taken. Only a matter of time when my heart is overridden and my eyes forsaken.

Healing with a soft glow. So dim only in my reality I can feel. Body building. Minds whirling is only a matter of time before my arms start hurting.

Ok so not my best work - BUT they get better, I promise.

Sending an invite to you and yours to follow me on social media @brittneydeleon_ and or turn on your alerts to see the next poem. Consider it a surprise for your eyes and inner soul.

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