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Tired But Wide Awake

You know how you may feel tired through out the day and you would much rather have it be over with... waiting to the sun to set and finally be able to plop on your bed? Same. Actually I look forward to Ted Lasso, food and just laying down... but it always starts with hopping off one laptop to another... it seems like my laptop follows me and my phones light feels like a beacon on my night stand - almost like the bat signal - for me to pick it up and save the internet to produce more likes. I digress, not my best analogy but Im tired, ha.

I cant help but to feel and think that there is more to do - that there is more out there. Acting submission, website updates, side project ideation, tiktoks, the list goes on... Its never enough... I cant be alone on this and I bet this feeling is labeled with a great name.

The next morning I regret sleeping so late and vow to try to sleep earlier - surprise! It never happens. You know Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh, when he says, "Why Bother" literally me. Its a constant cycle - the vortex of the restless, the wondering of the mind, the never-ending simulation.

I believe it wont always be like this. But if you feel the same way, reach out. Let me know. Oh, some good news. I will be on a panel speaking at Comic Con Dec 4,5th actual day and time to come but thought I let you know. Your the first to know - congrats! :) Until next time.

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