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Brittney’s Ambitions are quickly expanding beyond the Desert Horizons.


Coachella Magazine

Pg 71-72

Vol.1 Issue 1

It's been a blessing. As a Director, she always has clear ideas and directions which make it easy for the crew to follow - easy to see her great passion for filming.


As a member of a crew she is always easy going and helpful. I am always impressed by how well she can switch roles from director, where she is giving out directions, to a crew member, where she is able to follow directions while still lending her talents in a collaborative approach.

Ohanie Lopez 

Actor & Writer

her effective communication skills, leadership capabilities, and artistic intelligence

Jaylen Wilson

Brittney is a quick hard-working individual capable of working well with others, handling multiple projects, giving clear communication to others, and executing projects efficiently at a professional level. You will get the best if you work with her!


Vivian Tse

1st AC / Editor

Brittney can take any stressful situation and handle it with ease


Flavio Gomez


Brittney has the work ethic, the chops, the skills – and the willingness to continue to hone her skills.

 Former President

Palm Springs Women in Film and Television

Leanna Bonamici

Post Production Supervisor before becoming a Production Coordinator. Brittney was responsible for the management of the production and post production of multiple shows and thus a multitude of clients and variety of crews, all of whom she managed with ease. Brittney has an incredible work ethic, great attention to detail and is able to meet difficult deadlines under pressure. She is ambitious, goal-oriented and completely excels at whatever task she is given.

Sophia (Obomehi) Ehimiaghe

Executive Assistant

she is smart, dedicated and willing to go above and beyond in whatever task is given to her.


Dan houbrick

Associate Producer at Cloud Imperium Games

Brittney is an amazing person and she did an incredible job working as a PA on our feature film "Palm Swings."

No job was ever to small or too large for her, and she completed every task with a smile.

We look forward to working with her again soon!

Film Producer/Director

 Sean Hoessll

Her attention and detail and great attitude has helped our clients and teams out tremendously


Sabastian Attie

She knows how to handle multiple high volume projects at once. Additionally, she thinks outside of the box, especially when issues in production arise. She is extremely detailed oriented and knows how to catch issues that can be an oversite within all production phase. I highly recommend Brittney for any production job, she has eyes on the back of her head!

Madelyn Logan Fischer

Brand Partnerships Manager at Smile Media

very reliable professional who manages and supervises every single detail in the audiovisual production process. She is mostly focus on producing but can also give and execute brilliant ideas when works as an Actress. Her ideas are superb and creative, thinking differently. However, she always takes into account the project she is working on

Director Photographer

David Kruz

Short Films
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After a heartbreaking event a women finds an unexpected new friend.

Genre: Feel Good

Two young adults are in a cycle of bad luck, they discover they are not alone.

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Genre: Drama

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1982, any one hungry?

Genre: Horror

Music Vidos

Music Videos

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Come one, come all!

No matter who you are- join us in La Fiesta!


MAY 1st!

Genre: Fantasy

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Life after death?

You are all welcome

Genre: Myths

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You never know when it's your time to go. Join Ivan as he discovers what it's like to love and to lose.

Genre: Romance

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